IA / DATA: The challenge of data science for RE

Description :

To succeed in the energy transition, AI is a formidable ally throughout the energy value chain, from production to consumption! While many wind, solar and biomass RE projects are being developed, analyzing and visualizing the behavior of all these facilities to compare/optimize production performance, detect anomalies, anticipate maintenance and give recommendations to operators in the field are essential. This is where AI comes in! But how to manage large-scale data collection processes and make them easily accessible? How can we best leverage the full potential of AI? Because beware, AI should not remain exclusively in the hands of data scientists, it must be designed jointly with the men and women of the energy world to best meet the challenges and problems of the energy mix. Data science energy, instructions for use!


  • Paul Poncet: Head of Data Science for the Darwin Platform – Engie Digital
  • Pierre Goutorbe: AI Solution Manager Energy for Energy and Manufacturing – Dataiku
  • David Thieblemont: Global Account CTO Energy & Utilities – Microsoft