Businesses, take action on your impacts and manage your responsible approach!

Environmental, social, economic and cooperation

Kelimpact is the new tool developed by the Metropolis of Lyon to help companies in the area to measure, monitor and improve their impact on different areas: environmental, social, economic and cooperation…

This free platform allows you to :
1. Measure your performance in different areas (environmental sustainability, inclusion and social justice, governance and cooperation, etc.).
2. Identify areas for improvement
3. Identify concrete solutions and/or support offers.
4. Monitor your progress over time and achieve your objectives.

6 areas are analysed:
– inclusion and social justice,
-economic sustainability,
– environmental sustainability,
– health and well-being at work
– cooperation and governance,
– positive impact activity.

In companies, who leads the approach?
It all depends on the organisation:
– the head of the company
– the management team
– CSR/impact project managers…
In short, all those who have the will and the legitimacy to lead a progress initiative!

There are many reasons to engage in this responsible approach:
– Create value for your stakeholders
-To embody your company’s values
-Motivate employees and attract talent
-Improve overall performance
-Differentiate yourself from the competition

They tested it and they talk about it:
“Thanks to kelimpact, we were able to quickly identify margins for progress contributing to the success of our company and the well-being of our employees.”
Christophe Fargier President of the Ninkasi Group


With Kelimpact, it’s not the result that counts but the company’s approach and desire to progress!
It is therefore much more than a self-diagnosis, it is a real management tool that allows you to identify concrete and personalised solutions.






“Leading a climate and carbon strategy is a corporate project, involving all stakeholders, with the indicator: “grow by reducing our carbon footprint”.
Philippe Roux SLAT’s commercial director





“Enedis is committed to a strong policy of inclusion and social justice (gender diversity, senior contracts, work-study, agreements with priority schools) and is a signatory of the Charter of 1000!
Alexandra Franchelin CSR referent at Enedis
“For the SNCF, responsible purchasing means taking into account the carbon footprint of its suppliers in its calls for tender.
Pascal Décary, Purchasing Director of the SNCF Group
“We can be a company with a mission AND a growth company. It’s a virtuous circle: the mission is a lever for strategic consistency, attractiveness and team cohesion. The condition? Sincere leadership at the service of the group.
Alexandre Rocco President and co-founder of Shift Consulting
“Measuring our impact is essential for us, as social responsibility is part of our strategy and fully integrates our contribution to the development of the region.
Damien Dumas Strategy Director, Apicil Group


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