Call for projects: GRDF supports the decarbonation of industry using green gas and hydrogen



Call for projects: GRDF supports the decarbonation of industry using green gas and hydrogen

At the end of January, GRDF launched a call for projects to identify and support local projects to decarbonate industry. Responsible for around 20% of greenhouse gas emissions in France, the industrial sector must quickly find solutions to decarbonation. GRDF is supporting this transition by supporting the emergence of local projects using green gas or renewable, low-carbon hydrogen as a priority. Industrialists, green gas producers, local authorities, energy associations and consultancies wishing to implement this type of project can submit their applications until 17 March 2023.

Accelerating the emergence of low-carbon industrial zones through territorial and innovative projects

The industrial sector accounts for almost 35% of the natural gas consumed in France, making gas the energy of choice for many processes. GRDF already supports its industrial customers on a daily basis in the energy efficiency and decarbonation of their uses. The company is also launching this call for projects to support innovative territorial decarbonation projects. The proposed projects must implement one or more of the following decarbonation solutions:

Green gases – methanisation, methanation, pyrogasification and hydrothermal gasification – distributed through the public gas distribution network operated by GRDF;
Renewable and low-carbon hydrogen, via the development of territorial loops for
collection and 100% H2 service loops;
CO2 capture and recovery, in particular for the production of synthetic methane.

GRDF will be attentive to projects that will enable local authorities to develop virtuous local circular economy loops, to recover local waste or to support sustainable agriculture. Green gas produced from organic waste provides a concrete response to the challenges of decarbonation, and the potential is real. By 2030, 20% of the gas consumed in France could be renewable; by 2050, France has the potential to cover 100% of its gas demand with renewable gas.

GRDF is offering to support the winners in carrying out feasibility studies and upstream project scoping, with a budget of €500,000 divided between the winning projects. GRDF will also support the winners in promoting their project at the territorial and national levels.

Project leaders can submit their applications until 17 March 2023 on the website. The winners will be announced by the beginning of May 2023.

About GRDF

GRDF is France’s main gas distribution network operator, distributing gas every day to more than 11 million customers for heating, cooking and transport, regardless of their supplier. To do this, in accordance with its public service remit, GRDF designs, builds, operates and maintains the largest distribution network in Europe (204,239 km) in more than 9,500 municipalities, guaranteeing the safety of people and property and the quality of distribution.

Gas is a modern, available, economical and increasingly environmentally friendly energy. With the rise of green gas, a locally produced renewable gas, the gas network is an essential link in the ecological transition. GRDF is a key partner for local authorities, helping them to achieve carbon neutrality through their energy and sustainable mobility policies.

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