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10:00 - 18:00

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Soaring energy prices, temporary and sometimes even permanent factory closures, subsidies to fossil fuels, tensions between European countries while the climate crisis continues… It was sometimes difficult to distinguish the “opportunities” that every crisis is supposed to contain, particularly on the energy transition front.

And yet, such opportunities have still emerged. Good practices can and should be identified, from governments, companies, and citizens. New projects, feeding the energy transition, have been announced and some public measures have proven effective on the European pathway toward zero-emission.

In 2023 the MIX.E event will go beyond the findings, promote good practices, and raise the issues that have to be tackled in our common new energy context, so that the energy transition still goes on. How to accelerate the energy transition, while navigating the biggest energy crisis since the 1970s? That is the key question going forward and facing the winter of 2023.


+50 open-access conferences for all professionals

  • Issues & Challenges Conferences: shared visions of companies, regions, laboratories & startups. The best experts on the podium and feedback from the most innovative regions & companies. Fascinating topics such as INDUSTRY, MOBILITY, BUILDING, ENERGY, TERRITORIES, FINANCING and more, to build the future with you!
  • Solutions Workshops: Illustrations and best practices of successful energy projects
  • Pitch demos of solutions & experiments: Energy transition toolbox


Electrification of industrial processes: a solution for everyone

The dynamics of decarbonisation of industry are beginning to take shape. Evaporation, drying, distillation, heating of liquids and gases, thermal treatment... the potential for electrification of processes is wide.

Decarbonated hydrogen: has the time for mass production come?

If we think of the European framework in which the hydrogen strategy is being deployed, the French public support through the stimulus plan and the France 2030 investment plan, the massive aid dedicated to the construction of gigafactories, etc., what is the outcome of these ultra-voluntarist policies?

Green consumption – Guarantee of origin and CPPA, acceleration in sight

Nearly three years after the first CPPAs (Corporate Power Purchase Agreements) were signed by a few French pioneers, current events and the energy crisis have proven them right and demand is accelerating!

Green gases, circular economy & territories, solutions that tick all the boxes!

Still marginal in the global energy mix, green gases (biogas and decarbonised hydrogen) have great potential. When will production costs be lowered and projects massively expanded?

Hydrogen mobility & e-fuels, the fuels of tomorrow

While electricity seems to be the future of road transport, synthetic fuels seem to have a great deal to offer, particularly in the maritime and air transport sectors, where decarbonation cannot be achieved only through electrification.

Combine advances in renewable energy (decarbonation) & re-industrialisation of "made in France components"

How can we achieve a decarbonised re-industrialisation? Who are those who tick all the boxes necessary to implement national sovereignty? Who are the hidden champions of the made in France decarbonisation?

Exploitation of Marine Renewable Energies (MRE) : what potential?

Among these renewable energies, MRE deserves our attention. Although they represent only 0.03% of the world's energy mix, they are progressing at an accelerated rate, sometimes exceeding 80% per year.

A breath of fresh air for nuclear power

A fresh wind seems to be blowing through nuclear power with the explosion of 4th generation technologies. Discover the next generation of nuclear power, its promises and its new uses

Solar/wind + hydrogen, a winning combination to decarbonise energy systems?

At a time when the State and private players invest heavily to develop methods for the massive production of carbon-free hydrogen, the challenge nowadays is to couple its production with the use of renewable energies, by developing economically viable technologies, so that they can be deployed on a large scale.

Carbon sink building: what place for geo- and biosourced materials?

Wood, hemp, raw earth... biosourced and geosourced materials are favoured by the new environmental regulation, RE 2020; but what is their current place in construction and rehabilitation?

Decarbonation/industry: what is the right pace to remain competitive?

Although manufacturers have the technologies, they sometimes lack the visibility to make the necessary investments. What are the levers for action? And what solutions can be mobilised to meet the dual challenge of competitive decarbonation of French industry?

Massive storage, a challenge that requires inventiveness!

France's energy future depends on many factors but few are as vital as energy storage capacity. A complex challenge that requires inventiveness!






Our community of experts

Noé Van Hulst

Noé Van Hulst

Special Advisor, Hydrogen

IEA - International Energy Agency



Climatologist and glaciologist


Emmanuelle GALICHET

Emmanuelle GALICHET

Teacher-researcher in Nuclear Science and Technology


Stéphane Sarrade

Stéphane Sarrade

Energy Department and Energy Programs Director


Laurent Bataille

Laurent Bataille

Executive Vice President - President

Schneider Electric France

Dr. Klaus Bonhoff

Dr. Klaus Bonhoff

Director-General Policy Issues

German Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport

Giles Dickson

Giles Dickson



Xavier Piechaczyk

Xavier Piechaczyk

Chairman of the Board