Ecowatt, your electricity weather forecast for responsible consumption

Ecowatt helps the French to consume electricity more efficiently

How to know when to reduce consumption to avoid blackouts: for example during cold spells in winter? How to consume at the best time: for example, by recharging your electric car when renewable electricity production is high? A real electricity weather forecast, Ecowatt qualifies French consumption levels in real time, region by region. At every moment, clear signals guide the consumer to adopt the right actions. By consuming responsibly, all French people can contribute to accelerating the energy transition and ensuring a good supply of electricity for all.


  • Reduce heating temperatures as much as possible
  • Turn off unnecessary lights or reduce lighting
  • Turn off non-essential displays and lighting (e.g. billboards)
  • Postpone certain domestic uses (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.)
  • Moderate use of cooking appliances (e.g. avoid long cooking times)

Colour-coded classification

  • green: “reasonable” level of consumption;
  • orange: “high” consumption;
  • red: “abnormally high” consumption, with risk of power cuts

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ecowatt carte de la consommation d'électricité