ENERGYSTREAM WAVESTONE – Radar 2022 of electrical energy storage actors

Radar 2022 of electrical energy storage actors

The updated 2022 version of the Wavestone Energy Storage Radar has been published, and more elements have been integrated following the numerous feedbacks. In particular, we have electric vehicles with the batteries they need and which have led to the creation of gigafactories in Europe, but also vehicle to grid (V2G), which is becoming more and more important each year as the storage and redistribution of energy, with the increase in the number of electric cars, are aspects that must be taken into account. We also find a number of projects/POCs around the fuel cell, in particular for mobility, actors who have also been integrated into the radar.


Further developments and thus an update of this non-exhaustive list are to be expected for the year 2023. The article provides information on the studies planned for this year.



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