Financing: Reducing risk to scale

Description :

Our energy infrastructures now work alongside digital equipment they interact with on a daily basis for energy production, storage, transport and consumption. These developments, which are now a guarantee of availability, efficiency and responsiveness, are nevertheless opening the way to increasing cyber attacks. And while awareness of these challenges is real, the risks persist. Energy transition policies and efforts to integrate renewable energies will only reinforce this trend. How should we think about cybersecurity when building these multi-energy algorithmic infrastructures? What common measures should be adopted throughout the European Union to ensure the security of highly interconnected energy networks?



  • Pierre-Etienne Franc: FiveT Hydrogen Co-founder & Chairman & Hy24’s Chief Executive – FiveT Hydrogen AG
  • Grégoire Chauvière Le Drian: Head of the EIB Group France – EIB
  • Bertrand Badré: Managing Partner & Founder & Former Director of the World Bank – Blue Like an Orange Sustainable Capital
  • Damien Ricordeau: Founder & CEO – Finergreen