GRDF – Green gas for a positive energy approach

Bouygues Immobilier is building the Sollys programme in an innovative district on the Confluence peninsula in Lyon 69002. It is part of a committed low-carbon approach to achieving the Positive Energy Territory (TEPOS) objective. The scheme comprises two blocks, the Active Block and the Participatory Block. Seven buildings with a floor area of 20,377m² will be developed by Bouygues Immobilier. Linkcity is constructing four buildings on a 12,000m² block, the health block. Initially, the cogeneration was fuelled by wood. The operation, logistics, installation and delivery constraints led to the search for an alternative. GRDF made its expertise and product experience available to all the project’s stakeholders (project owner, AMO HQE, design office) to bring this programme to fruition with green gas electricity production.