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La Métropole de Lyon – Interview with Philippe GUELPA-BONARO

In this 2nd interview of IN THE MIX.E, Philippe GUELPA-BONARO, Vice-president in charge of climate, energy and reduction of publicity at La Métropole de Lyon (Metropolis of Lyon) explains the role of the Metropole in the energy transition as well as its priorities and projects.

He explains that it is important first of all to question our real energy needs and to review our energy consumption patterns in order to achieve energy sobriety. Businesses also have a role to play in this transition, and not necessarily only for the environment but also for their sustainability. One example is the Chemistry Valley, with which the Metropolis has been involved in collective governance for nearly 10 years, a cooperation that has enabled them to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and which will also enable them to decarbonate their production processes in the future, particularly with green hydrogen.

The Metropolis of Lyon has considerable executive power, in terms of animating citizens and the economic ecosystem. For example, the PLUH has several objectives, such as densification around the major public transport lines, the conservation of pockets of productive activity in the city to avoid unnecessary commuting, or decarbonation with the obligation to develop renewable energy for car parks, on roofs, on the ground, etc. He explained that it was now that the city had to be developed in such a way as to be low-carbon.

He explained that the future must be built now. From 2026, for example, the first passive building should open in Lyon, something that is only being done in Austria at the moment (for a single building). The aim here is to show that it is possible to live in a city with reduced energy consumption.

Economically speaking, Lyon offers, for example, a scheme to promote responsible purchasing, or the Lyon Eco Energy scheme to help small and medium-sized businesses audit their consumption and advise them, and Lyon Eco Energy + (LEE+)

While Lyon managed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 1.2% each year between 2000 and 2020, it now needs to reach 2.5% or even 3% per year to achieve carbon neutrality. The Metropolis is also aiming to reduce individual transport by half, no more fossil fuels at all, and a green metropolis.

Participating in MIX.E is a great opportunity for the Metropolis of Lyon, but also for all the other actors who will be there, because everyone is on the same team and it is the place where we bring together institutional partners, companies, etc., and we must all inspire each other.

2nd interview of the IN THE MIX.E podcast series to be found on our website.

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Philippe GUELPA-BONARO – Vice-president in charge of climate, energy and advertising reduction (Lyon Metropolis)