Switch to renewable heat with the Eco-Chaleur Bonus!

Would you like to develop your project for the production and use of renewable heat within your company?

Find out about the ECO-Heat Award.
The Metropolis of Lyon and ALEC Lyon – Local Energy and Climate Agency of the Metropolis of Lyon provide financial and technical support to help you make the energy transition in your company.
The Eco-Heat Bonus is a support and financial aid service offered by the Metropolis of Lyon which aims to promote the Renewable and Recoverable Energy sector in the area. A scheme to promote renewable energy. The implementation of the Eco-Heat Bonus follows the signing of a territorial development contract for thermal renewable energy between the ADEME & the Métropole de Lyon, in 2020.

The Metropolis of Lyon, with the strong support of the ALEC Lyon,supports and coordinates the scheme on its territory and instructs the grants on behalf of ADEME.

The Eco-Heat Premium is one of the tools to meet the objectives of the Plan Climat Air Énergie Territorial de la Métropole de Lyon (PCAET): reduce energy consumption by 20% compared to 2013, increase from 7% to 17% of energy needs covered by local production of renewable or recovered energy, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 43% compared to 2000.

Who can benefit from the Eco-Heat Premium?

All organisations in the Lyon Metropolitan Area, excluding private individuals, can benefit from the Eco-Heat Premium: -Local authorities -Companies: SMEs, VSEs, ETIs -Developers and developers -Associations Co-ownerships -Social landlords Which projects are concerned? The projects assisted are thermal renewable energy installations: Boilers using wood energy (pellets, wood chips, etc.) with a production of less than 20,000 MWh/year. Solar thermal installations for the production of hot water from solar collectors. Surface geothermal energy with a heat pump and geocooling, with a production of less than 2,000 MWhR/year. These technologies make it possible to combine the production of heat and cold. The creation or extension of a heating network with a production of less than 20,000 MWh/year and using more than 65% renewable and recovered energy.

> Projects whose heat production exceeds the thresholds defined above can be supported by ADEME directly, within the framework of the national scheme Fonds Chaleur.

Free support and financial aid
  • Free support
  • Up to 70% aid for the study part
  • Flat-rate aid depending on the production of renewable thermal energy
Throughout the project, project leaders benefit from the advice and expertise of ALEC Lyon:
  • Preliminary study and support in carrying out a feasibility study
  • Support for grant applications
  • Assistance in drafting the written contract documents (works and/or decision support)
  • Technical examination of the grant application
  • Monitoring the operation and productivity of the installations for one year (result requirement).

Two examples of aid…

  • For a wood-fired boiler room: flat-rate aid of €420/MWhR produced for a boiler room producing up to 600 MWh/year, then a degressive flat-rate aid for each MWh produced above this threshold.
  • For solar thermal: flat-rate aid of €1,120/MWhRENfor a minimum productivity of 400 kWhutiles/m²/year, then a degressive flat-rate aid for each MWh produced above this threshold.
For Philippe Guelpa-Bonaro, vice-president in charge of climate, energy and the reduction of publicity: “Heating and domestic hot water represent more than 50% of the territory’s energy consumption. In the face of climate change and air pollution, the Eco-Chaleur grant is a major lever to support public and economic players in the transition to renewable and low-carbon energy!
To find out if you are eligible for the eco-heat bonus: www.grandlyon/prime-ecochaleur
And if you have any question:prime-ecochaleur@grandlyon.com