SEED ENERGY – Odyssey software

Software for investment decision making in new energy systems

The ODYSSEY software, developed specifically to manage complex energy systems, builds a digital twin of the system by modelling each of its components, the interactions with the energy networks and the operating rules of the system (energy management strategy). This digital twin is then used in dynamic simulations to observe the operation of the system over several years. 

It is then possible to accurately estimate, on the one hand, the project costs in terms of investment, operation, maintenance and replacement of components. On the other hand, the simulation of the digital twin makes it possible to quantify precisely the services provided by the system (supply of electricity, heat, hydrogen, gas, etc.) and the associated revenues and environmental impacts.


The profitability and environmental performance of the project can then be assessed. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence allows ODYSSEY to :

  • Identify the relevant energy carriers and technologies for a given application
  • Optimise the sizing of the various components (production, transformation, storage) according to economic and environmental criteria, while maintaining a high quality of service to the consumer and avoiding systematic over-sizing
  • Test and optimise the system’s operating rules (energy management strategy) to ensure that it functions properly ODYSSEY software has the capacity to carry out a complete feasibility study of an energy system by providing key indicators to decision-makers such as net present value, time of return on investment, rate of return, CO2 emissions avoided, etc.

ODYSSEY is labelled “Efficient Solution” 2019 by the Solar Impulse Foundation and is one of the 1000 solutions for climate and environmental protection, and “Energized By Tenerrdis” in 2018 by the French Cluster for Energy Transition.

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