WindBox Wind turbine

WIND my ROOF is developing the WindBox, a module for the production of renewable, local and clean energy for roofs, combining small wind and solar power. It takes the form of a streamlined turbine (4m², 1.60m high), on the roof of which are placed two photovoltaic solar panels. The installed power is 1,500 Wp for the wind turbine and 600 Wp for the solar panel. The technology has been patented. Tested in the laboratory and in real-life conditions, the solution is now in the industrialisation phase and installed on pilot buildings.


Turbine power : 1500 W

Solar panel power: 750 Wp

Starting speed : 4 m/s

Cut-off speed: 25 m/s

Weight : 300 kg

Weight with weights : 700 to 900 kg

Dimensions (HxWxD): 2.1×1.6×2


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