South Beach Module – SAKOWIN

Accelerating the energy transition - Low cost, CO2-free sustainable hydrogen production

Sakowin is developing new equipment for the on-site, on-demand production of cost-competitive CO2-free hydrogen and solid carbon from methane.

We propose a new patented reactor technology to produce sustainable hydrogen and solid carbon from biomethane or natural gas. Using low energy plasma, our process is not only electricity efficient but also low CAPEX and easily scalable due to its modular design. This technology brick will be marketed to OEMs for different markets.


Its compactness and high energy efficiency make it a suitable solution for all industrial sectors interested in competitive hydrogen without CO2 emissions, such as decarbonisation of industrial processes, land, sea and air transport sectors, green electricity production, building heating or hydrogen production for the chemical industry. Installed directly at the hydrogen consumption site, at the end of a gas line, this concept can be used without storage or transport of hydrogen, and it can be installed within existing gas infrastructures.

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